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NBCA in the Community

There was definitely a clear indication that assisting vulnerable children and domestic violence were close to everyone’s hearts.

Not long after I commenced as CEO, I had a number of suggestions and requests for the NBCA and centres to fundraise and assist the Canberra community.

Whilst it would be great to get involved in all organisations and requests, it is important that the NBCA have a planned and strategic approach by selecting a nominated Canberra organisation to partner with for fundraising and community involvement. This would allow us to focus on supporting a specific organisation for at least 12 months and then review for the following period. I recently sent out a Community survey to all NBCA families and staff. This was to help get an indication how and what involvement NBCA staff and families would like us to have in the Community.

In summary the survey results revealed the vast majority of families and staff are interested in supporting a charity/Community organisation through either donating goods or partnering with them to help raise funds. In relation to the type of organisation, there was definitely a clear indication that assisting vulnerable children and domestic violence were close to everyone’s hearts. Based on your feedback, research began of Canberra organisations that fit the above profiles from the survey. I have also had meetings with some of these organisations to gain a better understanding of how we could partner with them.

I am pleased to announce for the remainder of 2020 and throughout 2021, the NBCA will partner with Karinya House and Roundabout Canberra. When researching charity partners, both Karinya House and Roundabout were fantastic organisations to partner with as they assist a variety of vulnerable groups in crisis including children and babies, women suffering from homelessness, and domestic violence victims. Our involvement with these two organisations will have a number of different approaches including item donation drives, fundraising or even a community activity requiring staff and family involvement.

For those of you not familiar with either of these organisations, Karinya House is a community based organisation providing supported accommodation, transitional housing and outreach services to pregnant and parenting women and their families who are in crisis. Roundabout Canberra helps support the same group of people through the collection of donated good condition (or new) pre-loved baby and child items to repurpose to local Canberra charities such as Karinya House. So whilst these are two separate organisations, they have a very strong partnership. Please view their websites to read more about Karinya House and Roundabout Canberra. Also please watch a fantastic video about Karinya House here. I was fortunate to have visited Karinya House recently and had a tour of their premises. After our meeting and tour, I left inspired by their amazing staff and the work they do for the community both at the house and in their outreach service.

Keep an eye out for further announcements about Karinya House and Roundabout Canberra at our centres, NBCA Website, emails and on our NBCA Facebook page.

Thank you for being a part of the NBCA Community.

“Alone, we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Helen Keller

Kind regards,

Tim Kapustin

Chief Executive Officer


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