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Our Purpose

Building a stronger community through happy and supported children, staff and families.

Our Vision

Belonging for everyone.

Our Values


Building strong connections, relationships and affiliations with our community including NBCA families, staff and children.


North Belconnen Community Association Incorporated (NBCA) provides early childhood education and care at two locations, Cooinda Cottage Early Childhood Centre and Flynn Early Childhood Education Centre, as well as administrative support to other Canberra-based early education and care services.

NBCA has a long history in the Belconnen region. In November 1975, members of the community met to discuss the shortage of occasional care in the North Belconnen area. A co-op of mothers was formed, providing childcare at the Tillyard Community Hall. Then in January 1977, the North Belconnen Community Childcare Association was formed to provide occasional care for children, and an extension was built at the rear of the Tillyard Community Hall by the National Capital Development Commission.

The association expanded with the construction of Charnwood Neighbourhood Centre at Charnwood Shopping Centre, and the Tillyard Community Hall and occasional care centre at the rear of the hall was renamed as Alkira (which means 'bright and cheerful place'). Eventually Alkira and another community service, Gumnut at Evatt Primary School, merged and re-opened at the former Flynn Primary School site, where Flynn ECEC still operates today. Flynn ECEC even has two of its rooms named Alkira and Gumnut, as an homage to the centre's history. 

Our logo

A gathering circle at the centre of the logo is a pinnacle traditional symbol within the design, highlighting the NBCA community/family and the heartfelt connections across the Association. This imagery is reflective of the centres being safe places for families to meet, learn and grow, where children are happy and enjoy their time within an extended family atmosphere.

The community spirit of the centres is reflected within the gathering circles and people symbols that are interwoven within the design. Together they share the value of teamwork, collaboration, family, friendships and love held at the centres. Emotions of warmth, welcome, invitation and encouragement, alongside support, respect, appreciation, trust, joy and cheerfulness are represented within the bright and colourful palette, that along with the imagery evoke the positive emotions felt by all.  

People symbols upon the gathering circle share the story of close and respectful relationships at the centres along with the symbol placement and movement highlighting caring cuddles, dancing and play. The imagery reflects the beauty and happiness felt by the children at the centres and highlights the team being appreciated, accepted and supported, alongside feelings of being at home within their roles, cheerfulness, family and the excitement experienced as a part of the NBCA community.

Elder symbols within the people imagery are symbolic of learning, early childhood education and passing on of life skills and knowledge. It also represents the close relationships at the centres and the children’s love of the centres and their teachers. The stepping stones travel upward within the design are reflective of the journey of nurturing and growth experienced by the children at the centres. This imagery reflects a progressive, empathetic and trusting culture where love and respect for each other ensures a happy and enjoyable experience for all.

Logo created by 

Saretta Art & Design
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