NBCA Strategic Plan 2022 to 2027

In late 2021, it was identified that a new Strategic Plan document was required for the NBCA.


Through an NBCA planning day with Committee Members and staff, we established an outline of the aligned direction of the NBCA. This was then developed into a Vision and Mission Statement, along with the NBCA Values. From there we were able to develop our Strategic Goals and the final document that we have now.


This not only guides us on what our focus and priorities are, but it also assists the Committee to make decisions based on the strategy and the best interests of the NBCA. In conjunction with the Strategy document, each centre/office has its own philosophy which you can view below.

NBCA Vision: Belonging for everyone

Our Purpose: Building a stronger community through happy and supported children, staff, and families.

NBCA Values:


Building strong connections, relationships and affiliations with our community including NBCA families, staff and children.


Embracing diversity, individuality, choice and freedoms.



Honesty in all areas of operation and governance.



Through collaborative relationships, we grow and learn with, and from each other.


Independence and Resilience

To be recognised as leaders, supporting the Early Education sector, staff, and children at the NBCA.

A collection of the words and phrases during the NBCA Strategic Planning Day