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COVID-19 Information

To help NBCA families, staff, and the community, the following information and FAQ's have been developed. We will update these regularly as new information arrives or changes occur.

Covid-19 FAQ's 

What do I do if I'm informed of a Covid-19 case exposure for my child/ren?

You need to have your child/ren tested with either a PCR or RAT ASAP. Once you receive a negative result, children can return to the centre. (Just remember RAT's are not suitable for children under 2) Quarantine is only required for positive cases.

Why have I not received an email or text from ACT Health?
ACT Health is NO LONGER contacting any staff and families. If you have been deemed a contact by us, you must follow the instructions provided. 


When are children and staff allowed to return to a centre?

As soon as they have a negative RAT or PCR test. There is now also no need to provide us with any details of negative results or fill in a declaration form.

Will NBCA centres simply not close now?

Unless there is a situation where a high amount of staff are positive and therefore have to quarantine it will be very unlikely that any rooms or an entire centre will need to close.

Where can I get Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)?
Retailers such as The Chemist Warehouse, Supabarn, Woolworths and Coles tend to have stock available daily. The ‘Find a Rat’ website (Find a RAT) may be helpful. Ensure that you are following ACT Health guidelines and not leaving your house if you are in isolation or quarantine unless you are going to a testing site.
At the moment the ACT Government has been giving out free RATs for those who meet the criteria on some days. The most up to date information on where they are can be found on the ACT Health Facebook page: (1) ACT Health | Facebook


Should I get a RAT or PCR Test?

Ideally, a PCR is a more accurate way to obtain a test however this may cause additional delays. If you can only complete a RAT at home, do this and notify ACT health if you are positive. You can obtain a PCR test here. If you are awaiting a PCR test result, please do not enter the centre as this may infect only children and families.


Do I need to tell the NBCA when I take a Covid test?
No - Only if you are Positive.

Will families be charged fees during a closure?

There are two main scenarios relating to this that we must adhere to;

  1. If the NBCA closes a centre or room that your child attends you will have your gap fee waived.

  2. If you or your child contracts Covid-19 before coming into the centre and as a result must quarantine for 7 days, please contact us so you will not be charged gap fees.


Is there Government Support available?

You may be eligible for the Australian Government's Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment if you’re unable to work and earn income because you or someone you’re caring for, or has to self-isolate or quarantine due to COVID19.

Helpful Links and Resources

ACT Health Covid-19 website has updated resources and all Covid-19 related information.


Specific Information from ACT Health;

People exposed to COVID-19

People who test positive to Covid-19

Recovering from Covid-19

Quarantine Information

About Covid-19 Testing

Covid-19 Symptoms

High Risk Settings

Beyond Blue or call on 1300 22 4636

Lifeline or call on 13 11 14

Links and Resources for Children

Play School COVID Specials
Talking to Children about COVID19
Helping children with feelings
Birdie and the Virus resources
5 Things grounding exercise
Wellbeing and Gratitude activity book
Why is everyone wearing a mask?

Links and Resources for Staff

Home - Be You
Be You aims to transform Australia’s approach to supporting children’s and young people’s mental health in early learning services and schools. Their vision is that every learning community is positive, inclusive and resilient – a place where every child, young person, educator and family can achieve their best possible mental health.
During the next couple of days off it would be a great time to complete the modules. If you have already completed them, take some time to refresh your memory and look through all of the valuable resources available.

The Spoke – Early Childhood Australia's Blog - A voice for young children
The Spoke is Early Childhood’s Australia’s blog, publishing articles by Australia’s leading policy makers, academics, experts and leaders and early childhood practitioners.

The Spoke is an extensive source of articles on early childhood research, policy and practice. It is a place to facilitate ideas and discussion and for educators and parents to share their own experiences.

Building Resilience in Teacher Education - BRiTE
The aim of the BRiTE program is to help teachers build their awareness of the skills and practices that will help facilitate resilience in their teaching career. It is free to do.

The program contains 5 online interactive learning modules. Informed by an extensive review of the teacher resilience literature and empirical research. This program has links to the Early Years Learning Framework.

ACT Health Factsheet

Forms and Documents
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